OCC Investment is a Wholesale and Retail Business registered as Sole Proprietorship for Mr. Mohamed Mumthaz in the Maldives since 2012 and we are specialized only in the widest variety of famous, branded tobacco and tobacco related products along with its accessories.

Early 2011 Mr. Mohamed Mumthaz saw the growing Market for the Tobacco Industry and its potential in The Republic of Maldives and made the decision to invest in the Wholesale and Retail business of Tobacco and its accessories. In Early 2012 Mr. Mumthaz liquidated the Operation of a Safar Vessel which was under the progress since 2010 and created OCC Store in one of the best Location of the Mal’e City, Capital of Maldives. OCC store is only specialized in Tobacco and cigar and its accessories only and catered to the growing Market in the Region. Over the period of 01 year it has successfully captured the Market and loyal customers among the other traders and customers.

OCC Investment has made many milestones on the mentioned period while anticipating the market and introduction of Tobacco and Tobacco accessory products on timely basis. We provide our services and trade to Local, national and resort customers with the numbers increasing every day.

With the success of the OCC Store and with the growing market in the Maldives, a new company under the name OCC Investment Pvt. Ltd was registered on 31st October 2013 and have taken the Sole Distribution for Benson & Hedges, Kent, Lucky Strike and Dunhill cigarette products for Maldives on behalf of Ceylon Tobacco Company. In 2015 OCC Investment have made plans and are on the Drawing board for additional 03 stores with the same concept of Tobacco store to be open in Mal’e City, Hulhumale and Fuvamulak.


OCC Investment strives to offer an excelled service for customers and ensure the availability of quality, most comprehensive tobacco products and affiliated products to all our customers.